Principals corner

Hello and Welcome

This school year we look foward to working with you students for several different reasons.  First, we are creating a new college program that will help all our students understand the A-J system, and will help them stay on course.  This new system is also designed to help parents understand the college system, and how a students decision in the 9th grade can affect their ability to get into college of thier choice in their 12th grade year.  Over the years we have made great relationships with all of the local universities, but they have given us a challenge.  Our studetns need to be able to get into a school based on merit and not on a universities lack of having Native students.  Students need to have a 3.5 or higher grade point average.  They need to score high on thier S.A.T.’s and A.C.T.’s and they need to be in higer level math classes.  This is the push we have for you students this year.  From the Adminstration office to any support personal, we will all rise up to meet this challenge head on, and we will be successful.  Getting a student into a University is something that takes termendous work, not only from our staff, but also the family of the student.  This is tryly a 4 year journey that will end is success only if we all work together to reach this goal.

This year we will be offering college classes from MSJC to any Noli student who is interested.  The classes will be offered from 2:30-4:00 on our campus.  Mr. Marcus has workd tiresly to make this dream into a reality.  The ultimate goal of this program is to get a Noli student to graduate with 36 towards thier A.A. degree.  Any Noli Student who completes this will also be fully prepared for any situation that they find on any college campus that they go to.  This is the goal of dual enrollment. We look forward to giving your student the higher level skills they need to be successful, and watch them go off to college with the confidence that they will be successful upon arrival.  For many of our students, they will be a the first of the families to attend college.  We at Noli understand this importance.  Once they are college graduates, then their brothers and sisters will be more than likely to attend college.

The Noli Booster club is always looking for help from any parent who has time to give.  We are in need fundraising help to get new uniforms for our sports teams, help pay for coaches, and to help pay for any supplies that our sports teams may have.  I thank you in advance for helping with this.  Since Noli is a small school, we get students palying sports that would have never palyed at a bigger high school.  Sports help our students break out of thier shells, helps keep thier grades up,and helps them understand the concept of teamwork.  We can not keep this going without your help and time.  Thank you for giving that.

This year we have added our middle school to our 4H club and they will be showing the animals that they raise at the Indio county fair this year.  We also have an amazing art class, as well as an amazing conputer class.  We will also be sending items into space this year, so we really are doing everyting we can to expand the minds of our students.  I thank you for sending your student to our school.  it has always been a honor to work with all of you.