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Welcome to Noli Indian School

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Here at Noli Indian School we believe a strong and equitable educational system is central to our success not only in a global economy but also in our native communties. We believe the skilled performance of employees and their passion for what they do in the classroom everyday at all levels in the school system drives the achievement of high academic standards and determines organizational success. We believe that we must have a high performing school system that encourages student participation in collaborative, problem-solving activities.  Based on these core beliefs, we are committed to:


• Providing an ethical school system that requires fair treatment, honesty, openness,integrity and respect for all students


• Providing all students with the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential and ensuring that there is no discernable difference between the achievement levels of students by any religious affiliation, gender or economic level


• Placing a principal and vice principal with strong instructional leadership and management skills as the key leaders at Noli Indian School


• Building and promoting an organizational climate where all teachers take responsibility for the academic achievement of their students


• Enhancing our personnel through meaningful professional staff development (Every Wednesday morning)


• Operating effectively and efficiently with the B.I.E. accountability


• Educating all students in safe and orderly environments conducive to learning


• Providing all students access to a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum


• Partnering with all stakeholders to maximize student learning


• Embracing our community’s diversity and using it to enhance the educational environment


• Providing multiple pathways to graduation which prepare students to make informed career choices


• Preparing all students to be successful in institutions of higher learning or the workforce without a need for remediation


• Using internal and external community feedback to continually improve the services we offer


• Developing professional learning communities where shared decision making is expected through SIT meetings every Monday after school (1430 Pacific Time)


Thank you for visiting our new and improved website, enjoy your stay and please remember that we can not do this alone, so become an active participant of your child’s education now by signing to our private network on the icon below: