Health Services


Here’s some important information to help with the paperwork:

1.) Tdap: [Whooping Cough] – all 7th students are REQUIRED by CA state & BIA to have their “Tdap” immunization to enter 7th grade. Please bring in a copy of this important immunization to either the Front Office or to the Health Office.

2.) After school sports: If your child wishes to play any after school sports; they will need to get a “Sport Clearance Packet” from either their coach, the Front Office, or from the Health Office.

The “Sport Clearance Packet” has 6 pages:

You need to fill out pages 1-5. And, please be sure to do all 10 of your signatures.

The Doctor must fill out & sign Pg 6.

The Sport Packet is good for ONE year from the doctor’s signature date.

3.) IHS Van: The RSBCIHS Van comes to Noli to do Sport Physicals usually 3-4 times a year. To have a Sport Physical done with the IHS Van; the parents must have their student registered at any of the following Indian Health Clinics in Riverside/San Bernardino Counties to qualify for this convenient service.

The IHS Clinics in San Bernardino/Riverside Counties are:

Anza, Barstow, Morongo, Palm Springs, Pechanga, Soboba, San Manuel, &Torres-Martinez.